Soap Brush for a Razor Blade ShaveWhat’s a razor blade dilemma…you shave and you’re done? Or, is there more to it? What happens when you go against the grain? Figuratively speaking, I’m talking about being unconventional when it comes to your shave. Trying a different approach has it’s own rewards.

A really close shave has become a lost art with the convenience of inexpensive disposable razors and the fact that men generally don’t enjoy shaving.

Men today aren’t familiar with the fine art of the traditional wet shave practiced to perfection by their fathers and grandfathers. So what’s the big deal about a razor blade? Read on…

Shaving Tips – The Double Edge

The double-edge razor blade still represents the best value for most wet shavers. The blades are inexpensive and widely available and provide two shaving edges thereby doubling the value. It will provide an exceptionally close and comfortable shave when used properly, and is 100% biodegradable.

Premium Double Edge Razor BladeThe reality is that the razor blade is only one part of the actual process of shaving. The other parts are equally as important and deserving of just as much consideration as the razor or blade that you use.

Beard preparation, soap or cream used to produce the lather, how the lather is applied, how the razor blade is wielded, and a host of other factors in partnership with “the act” are what determines the quality of the outcome.  Depending on razor selection alone without all the necessary parts for a successful shave will leave you dissatisfied.

Stick with what is proven to work well – A good double-edge razor with a quality razor blade, high quality soap or cream, a quality badger brush, and a bit of practice. You’ll save money and will be glad you took the time to enjoy the experience.

Take the plunge…use a Straight Razor Blade

For many straight razor shavers, it’s a nostalgic hobby or a masculine ritual. For some, it’s the economic benefits from not having to buy disposable blades. However, there are those that claim the straight razor blade provides the closest thing to the elusive “perfect shave.” Shaving with a straight razor covers much more area per stroke because the cutting edge of a straight razor is much longer than other types of razors.

Straight Razor Blade and Shaving BrushThe key to getting a good shave with a straight razor is keeping it extremely sharp. Honing the blade after your shave will re-establish the fine edge of the razor by removing metal from the razor.  Then stropping it re-aligns and straightens the blade edge.  The closeness of the straight razor shave will leave you as smooth as a baby’s you know what.

Of course, there’s also the coolness factor of using an incredibly well-crafted knife to cut the hair on your face that you used to grind out with some skinny blades inserted into a cheap plastic contraption. Simply, it’s the best way to shave if you want an experience.

Just face it (no pun intended), there’s nothing that speaks “man” more than a consistent ritual of cheating the potential consequences of using a naked razor blade. You’re left with a sense of accomplishment, a perfectly close shave each day…and dude, you’re just plain sexy!

All that being said, today’s disposable blade razor will still fill a need for many men who live life always out of time and view shaving as an inconvenience…oh what you’re missing.

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